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General Diving Advice Red Sea Marine


If you’re planning on going on a liveaboard safari for the first time, here’s some pointers to help you make the most of your holiday …

Preferably use a dive gear bag and not a solid suitcase. This can be stored more easily after unpacking. – During summer bring cool casual clothes, e.g. T-shirts, shorts, a bathing suit, and a sun hat. We also recommend that you bring a sweater or jacket as some evenings can be windy. Also after doing many dives, you will start to get cold easily.

During winter bring warm casual clothes and a jacket with you. During the daytime, it is normally warm and sunny, but evenings are cold and windy. Even though bedding is supplied in the cabins, we recommend you bring a sleeping bag along in case you like to spend the nights out on the deck.

Bring plenty of sun protection cream or lotion and your sunglasses. – The boats have Video, CD, Cassette, CVD-, MP3 – and DVD players, so bring your favorites. Do not forget a good book or games, you will find some on the boats as well. – Please bring your certification card and logbook to verify your diving experience.

Please make sure you are in good health, and if possible bring a medical statement with you (not older than 1 year) – We strongly recommend that you take out dive insurance. We can also arrange insurance for the resort.

The first dive on all safaris will always be a check dive for everybody. This is done for your safety, to check your equipment, to adjust your weights, and to feel comfortable in the environment! It is very important for the dive guide to know the experience and capabilities of all divers in the group. The dive guide could ask each person to complete some basic skills, for example, regulator recovery, mask clearing, etc.

Make sure your personal dive equipment is serviced and in good condition before you join the safari. We will not be able to fix a problem on board the boat, which could prevent you from continuing to dive with your personal equipment. (We always have a spare set on board). Your own small kit of spare parts (e.g. mask- and fin straps, mouthpiece) is always recommended. We recommend that you bring or rent a torch for night dives (you will also use it on wreck dives). Safety marker buoys will make it easy to locate in case of unforeseen separation from your dive group.

The chefs are excellent and prepare delicious, mouth-watering meals. Let us know if you have special requests, such as a vegetarian diet. We will arrange it according to your request!

There might be additional charges for alcoholic drinks and extras such as specialty courses. It is also customary to leave a tip for your crew at the end of your trip. Please have some cash with you either in the US, Sterling, or EGP. Credit cards or traveler checks are not accepted on board the boat.

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