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Dahab City

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Fantastic scuba diving possibilities are available in Dahab for diving enthusiasts.

  • 10 hours
  • 85 euros
  • Al Motelat

Service Description

Dahab lies 80 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh, and many of its visitors claim, with some justification, that it has a more relaxed and calm atmosphere than Sharm el-Sheikh. Dahab is divided in to a southern part, El-Qura Bay, and a northern part, Assalah Bay. El-Qura Bay, sheltered from waves and an almost constant northern wind, is very popular with windsurfers as it provides them with ideal conditions for their sport. Assalah Bay, three kilometers to the north of El-Qura Bay, was once the original Bedouin village, and from it came the tourist center most guests associate now as ‘Dahab’. Assalah Bay is divided in to two parts: Mashraba in the south and Masbat in the north, is bordered by a beach of fine, golden colored sand. It is believed that this golden sand is where the name Dahab originated from as ‘Dahab’ means ‘Gold’ in the local language. Unlike Sharm el-Sheikh, where most of the diving is made from boats, Dahab’s dive sites are all readily accessible from the shore and dive boats are rare. Recently the area has started to see more liveaboards as liveaboard operators have started to include it in their itineraries. Dahab’s dive sites are divided in to two groups: north of Assalah Bay (which includes the famous ‘Blue Hole/ El Bells’ and ‘The Canyon’), and those to the south of El-Qura Bay. The Blue Hole is one of Egypt’s more infamous dive sites on account of the high number of fatalities there.

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  • Red Sea Marine Diving Center, Al Motelat, Sharm Al Shiekh, Egypt


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