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Regulator set

Octopus, depth & pressure gauge

  • 7 hours
  • 12 euros
  • Al Motelat

Service Description

A diving regulator is a crucial piece of equipment for scuba diving that allows divers to breathe underwater by delivering air from a compressed air cylinder at a safe pressure for human respiration. It consists of two primary components: the first stage and the second stage. The first stage attaches to the cylinder valve and reduces the high-pressure air in the tank to an intermediate pressure for delivery to the second stage. The second stage is the component that the diver puts in their mouth to breathe from, and it provides a continuous flow of air while the diver is in the water. Most diving regulators also feature additional components such as hoses, gauges, and mouthpieces. The hoses connect the first and second stages and may include a low-pressure inflator hose for buoyancy control devices (BCDs). The gauges display various information such as the cylinder pressure, depth, and air supply. The mouthpiece is typically made of silicone and is designed to comfortably fit in the diver's mouth while providing a secure seal to prevent air from escaping. Diving regulators come in a variety of designs and configurations to meet the needs of different diving environments and skill levels. Some regulators are designed for cold water diving, while others are optimized for warm water environments. Some regulators are designed for technical diving, which involves deeper and more complex dives that require additional equipment and training. Overall, diving regulators are essential for safe and enjoyable scuba diving, allowing divers to breathe comfortably and explore the underwater world with confidence.

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  • Red Sea Marine Diving Center, Al Motelat, Sharm Al Shiekh, Egypt


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